Friday, December 18, 2009

One More Robot - Issue 2

Featured Articles

A New Chapter? How did our book Queen get on when she tried out the Sony Reader for the first time? By Rachael Murphy

Killen' Em Softly: Interview with Kill It Kid With their acclaimed debut record fresh on the shelves, we sit down with blues rockers Kill it Kid's main man Chris Turpis. By Dean Van Nguyen

Amanda Palmer is Not Afraid To Take Your Money How the former Dresden Doll has been using the internet to line her pockets. By Brogen Hayes

Blood Brothers Where have all the black vampires gone? Or where they ever even here? By Brogen Hayes

Also Includes

Under The Covers Old songs recorded in a new light with a new owner.

Web Picks Three more websites for you to browse.

Analogical Why the soundtrack single has disappeared from popular culture.

Half Nelson Looking at the Eighties Action Movie.

Critics Casting a judgemental eye on some of the latest music and book releases including the latest album from Noah and The Whale.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One More Robot - Issue 1


Featured Articles

Heads Up: Interview with Heads We Dance
We caught up with synth poppers Heads We Dance to discuss Leeds, Philip K. Dick and their debut album Love Technology. By Dean Van Nguyen
Your Band Sucks!!!

Indie band Summer Hymns suffered at the hands of web powerhouse Pitchfork Media. We analyse the "Pitchfork Effect" and it's consequences on the music industry. By Roland Li

Exploit Me!

We investigate the influences of popular director Quentin Tarentino in the lead up to his latest film Inglorious Basterds. By Brogen Hayes
Cuba Hoy

Fifty years after the revolution, Donal Pattison fulfilled an ambition to visit Fidel Castro's Cuba. What he discovered was a country living in a 1950s timewarp. By Donal Pattison

Also Includes

Alan Pownall The indie singer turned hip hop covers specialist talks about his upcoming debut album.

3 Sites That Will Rock Your Afternoon A breakdown of three of our favourite online time fillers.

Analogical The 7" single and it's place in modern pop music.

Critics Reviews We look at some new album and book releases including Grizzly Bear's much praised new album Veckatimist.

and More!