Saturday, November 23, 2013

Issue 12 Preview: The Crime Issue

From crime literature and film, to true crime, One More Robot's latest issue covers the thorny topics of murder, theft and other indiscretions. Here's some nifty YouTube videos to whet the appetite. To stay up to date, do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Crime Issue is now available to pre-order via our online store. 

Michael A. Gonzales examines the unmistakable work of maverick New York filmmaker Abel Ferrera.

Sam Weiss explains how author Paul Auster's seminal "New York Trilogy" simultaneously honoured, deconstructed and reinvigorated the crime fiction genre.

Orla Ni Sheaghdha looks at the output Neal Baer, whose work in crime fiction stretches from Law & Order: SVU to penning the crime novel Killswitch.

Novelist Kenji Jasper remembers Michael Mann's Collateral.

Dean Van Nguyen speaks to rapper and producer Grip Grand on his career and recent unauthorised MF Doom collaboration record GG Doom, But How?

James Hendicott examines how South Korea’s greatest filmmaker Park Chan-wook has twisted the nation’s black-and-white approach to the law by depicting moral violence with enthralling shades of grey.

Nadene Ryan speaks to Irish crime author and serial blogger Declan Burke.

From church burnings to murder, Jonathan Keane describes the notorious crimes of Norwegian black metal.

The Grand Theft Auto series has transformed the way gaming is perceived by the general public and media, sucking up countless hours of gamers’ lives in the process. Colm Gorey handpicks three of the best editions.

In the days before file sharing and Internet piracy, Joe Tangari had no idea making a cassette tape copy of Cream's Disraeli Gears was illegal. 

Almost two decades on from the release of their debut EP Melodica, hip-hop duo Blackalicious speak to David Ma about its' creation.