Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Broadway Buddhas and the Birth of Hip-Hop

By Michael A. Gonzales 

Originally Appears in Issue 8

New York City, 1977: it was the humid summer of a serial killer named the Son of Sam, the infamous blackout and Bronx bombers the Yankees heading towards the World Series. Uptown in Washington Heights, the sweltering streets were alive with musical ice cream trucks, the sweaty slaps of Dominican domino games, perspiring boys pitching pennies on the corner and young kids darting through the fire hydrant sprinklers.

The bustling block where I lived on 151st Street between Broadway and Riverside from the age of four was full of rowdy kids who were like family. My best friend was Kyle Jenkins, who was cool as the Fonz and lived upstairs in apartment 4-F with his gossipy mother Miss Josephine and five fine sisters.

For full article visit: http://blackadelicpop.blogspot.com/2012/03/broadway-buddhas-and-birth-of-hip-hop.html

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One More Robot Magazine Opens New Online Store // Subscriptions Now Available!

Now open: A smart new online store via Storenvy. Current and back issues available now and, for the first time ever, you can subscribe to One More Robot: http://onemorerobot.storenvy.com

Due to the recent success we've had selling issues online via eBay, we at One More Robot are extremely happy to announce a new online store via social community website Storenvy.com. With a smart new look and easy to use interface, onemorerobot.storenvy.com will make purchasing current and back issues of the magazine easier than ever before.

Also available via the new store, readers can buy a subscription to One More Robot for the first time ever. So for a mere €15 ($20) excluding p&p, you can be one of the first to receive the next three issues (Summer, Autumn and Winter 2012), which will be delivered straight from the printing press to your front door. And believe us when we say these issues are going to be hot!