Thursday, June 17, 2010

One More Robot - Issue 4

Featured Articles

From ‘X’ to ‘A’ - Coupland’s Generations
An examination of the novel and the author that popularised the term ‘Generation X’. By Stephen Rogers

Listless in Seattle
How the American city changed the face of music forever. By James Looney

Where are the Movies of Our Generation?
An analysis of two movies, Singles and Reality Bites, one of which defined Generation X while the other failed in its attempt. By Andrew Unterberger

8 Bit Blips
A look at how retro gaming has inspired a new era of artists, musicians and filmmakers. By Laura O’Brien

Modern Girl: Woman & Rock in the Nineties
Perhaps more so than any other rock generation, woman helped shape the genre during the nineties. By Chris Familton

Tender Age in Bloom
Did Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’ video reveal Kurt Cobain’s desire to follow in the footsteps of Buddy Holly? by Dean Van Nguyen

Also Includes

Overrated/Underrated The first of a regular new feature, Seán Earley takes his turn choosing two albums, one undeservedly reverred, the other unappreciated.

Web Picks More cherry picked intenet sites from Declan Aylward.

The Best of the Worst Derek Owens selects some terribly-good films guaranteed to entertain.

Spotlight: Das Racist Stephen Rogers catches up with the barmy Brooklyn rappers.

The Shoe Box Karen Byrne examines why designers have stepped back to the nineties to draw inspriation.

Half Nelson Jason Robinson looks at why Hollywood are raiding the small screen for inspiration

& More

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