Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One More Robot - Issue 5

Featured Articles

Dublin's Sonic Boom!
Our team hand picks their favourite Dublin acts right now, proving than on a global scale, our little city is holding its own.

Money For Nothing and Your Chicks For Free

Like many other countries there are a wide variety of grants and initiatives available to fledgling bands. Many are just unware they exist.
by Ian Maleney

Rebecca Mayes: Audiogamer
Musician and gaming fanatic Rebecca Mayes talks about how she’s become the hottest
thing in computer game-themed folk music
by Declan Aylward

Also Includes

Axl Rose's Appetite for Destruction
Brendan O’Dowd charts the GnR frontman’s often temptestuous relationship with his fans.

Rage Against the (Hollywood) Machine Derek Owens counts down his top 5 celebrity tantrums.

Tapes 'n' Tapes Niamh King discovers a record label so retro they put out their releases on cassette tapes.

More cherry picked intenet sites from Declan Aylward.

The Exodus of Steve Jobs The road to the top wasn’t totally smooth for the Apple kingpin, as Laura O’Brien discovered.

The Show Box Karen Byrne’s tips on office etiquette.

Half Nelson Jason Robinson on why Swingers has stood the test of time.

& More

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