Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One More Robot - Issue 12



The Sidewalks of New York
How author Paul Auster’s seminal New York Trilogy reenergised the crime fiction genre.
by Sam Weiss

Fashion Fix
Images of the Rana Plaza warehouse collapse in Savar – a sub-district of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka – shocked the world last April, drawing attention to the horrific conditions experienced by textile workers in the region and, along with them, the ugly side of “fast fashion”. So how are those companies responding?
by Niamh Hynes

Graphic Novelist
With its graphic depictions of violence and its explosive storyline, Slaughter’s Hound is a fine example of crime writing from one of Ireland’s best contemporary authors of the genre. Declan Burke talks about his latest novel, its links to Irish mythology, those Raymond Chandler comparisons and getting Steve Buscemi to play his creation Harry Rigby.
by Nadene Ryan

Crime or Punishment? The Moral Dilemmas of Park Chan-wook
How South Korea’s greatest filmmaker has twisted the nation’s black-and-white approach to the law by depicting moral violence with enthralling shades of grey.
by James Hendicott

Allegiance to Chaos
Violent crimes are etched throughout the history of black metal, one of metal music’s most divisive sub-genres.
by Jonathan Keane

Hard Knock Life: On the Films of Abel Ferrara
Maverick filmmaker Abel Ferrara has captured the grit and grime of New York City like few others before or since.
by Michael A. Gonzales

Grinder Man
Though his unauthorised MF DOOM collaboration has attracted him a whole new fanbase, rapper/producer Grip Grand has been an underground hip-hop hero for years.
by Dean Van Nguyen

Stealing Music, One Song and Station Identification at a Time
Before the days of file sharing and Internet piracy, one fledgling music buff had no idea making a cassette tape copy of Cream’s Disraeli Gears was illegal.
by Joe Tangari

The Hands of Time
For one viewer, Michael Mann’s 2004 crime thriller Collateral offered a glimpse into his future.
by Kenji Jasper

Manipulated Minds Need To Make An Escape: Blackalicious and The Making of Melodica
Two decades on from the release of their debut EP Melodica, hip-hop duo Blackalicious speak about its creation.
by David Ma

Also includes

Criminal Mind
Over the space of 16 years, the Grand Theft Auto Series has transformed the way gaming is perceived by the general
public and media, sucking up countless hours of gamers’ lives in the process.
by Colm Gorey

Neal Baer: The Psychology of Crime
Neal Baer’s work in crime fiction stretches from Law & Order: SVU to penning the crime novel Killswitch.
by Orla Ni Sheaghdha

A National Treasure:The Crazy Career of Nicholas Cage
To mark Nic Cage’s 50th birthday, we count out some of the Hollywood maverick’s most bizarre moments.
by Jesse Melia

& more

One More Robot: The Crime Issue Launch 30.1.14

Editors, writers and guests of One More Robot come together for an evening of readings and discussion at The Winding Stair Bookshop and Cafe to mark the release of the latest edition. 'The Crime Issue' features all new writing on the thorny topics of murder, theft and other indiscretions, from the authors and filmmakers who work within the crime genre to music piracy and true crime. The issue will be available to purchase for the very first time on the night.

It all takes place this Thursday at 6pm, Lower Ormond Quay. For more information visit: