Monday, October 25, 2010

'Why Can't We All Get Along' by Coppercab

Originally appears in Issue 5

As we know, the internet has given everyone a voice, and while most choose to use this voice for less noble pursuits, one man is using his to scream and shout for gingers everywhere. A bona fide YouTube sensation, Michael AKA CopperCab is 18 years old, christian, ginger and with serious anger management issues. His first video entitled ‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ was a desperate plee to his peers - and the rest of the world - to stop their persecution of red haired people, sprinkled with vicious, unpredictable and often disturbing yelps at his handheld camera. First appearing eight months ago, he’s continued his viral onslought, targetting M.I.A, South Park (who even parodied him in an advert) and his friends and classmates who continue to ridicule him.

While the debate rages on whether CopperCab is actually real, or just some expertly executed comedic hoax, his most recent video will either give doubters extra ammunition, or serve as further evidence that Michael has a slipperly grip on reality. An original compisition, ‘Why Can’t We All Just Get Along’ sees him spreading his message, not though anger and frustration, but through song. “I just want to know why this world can’t go on” he tunelessly croons acapella. A comic masterpiece, or one young man’s descent into mental illness, this is pure car crash viewing. --Dean Van Nguyen

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