Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One More Robot - Issue 7


Featured Articles

What Is Pop?
A critical analysis of what defines pop music.
by Joe Tangari

Heroes and Villains
In 2011, who are the world’s true pop idols?
by Jonathan Bogart

She's Just Being Miley
Why the much derided pop princess’s choice of covers are more appropriate than she’s given credit for.
by Joe Coscarelli

Black Polaroids on Planet Pop
How Andy Warhol’s legendary pop art became more influential than even the man himself could have imagined.
by Michael A. Gonzales

Let's Talk About Pop
Examining the evolution of pop from a political forum to the current state of affairs through the lens of a handful of songs that make up classic pop playlists.
by Trisha Doyle

"More Bounce For Your Ounce" - The Legacy of Roger Troutman
How the Zapp frontman continues to influence generation after generation of pop music.
by Dean Van Nguyen

Karmin and Other Rap-Covering Youtuberati
Do Karmin’s stripped down take on hip-hip makes them nothing more than their generation’s Me First and the Gimme Gimmes?
by Seán McTiernan

Also Includes

Piracy Gets Personal Matthew Jaffrey examines the novel way a film director has attempted to stop his work being pirated.

Wot Do U Call It?! Johnny Ilan on grime music’s rise from the undeground to the top of the UK charts.

Webcrawler More cherry-picked internet sites from Declan Aylward.

Spotlight: Oh Minnows
Jonathan Keane chats to former member of The Semifinalists Chris Steele-Nicholson about his new guise and latest release.

Overrated / Underrated Chris Familton examines two records he considers on the wrong side of critical consensus.

Ah Sure, Look It! Niamh King on her recent love affair with the British monarchy.

Half Nelson Jason Robinson evaluates some of the female comic talent working in Hollywood today.

and Much More

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