Friday, May 25, 2012

One More Robot - Issue 10



Let’s Talk About Sex, Cindy
The self-appointed ‘Michael Bay of business’, Cindy Gallop, talks entrepreneurship, gender equality, and, most importantly, sex.
by Elaine Burke

A History of Dublin Subcultures
Since the fifties, Dublin has seen its fair share of cultural movements, with mods, rockers, teddy boys and bikers, among others, all being popular among the city’s youth.
by Ruraidh Conlon O’Reilly

Gothic City
Dublin’s small, secluded Goth scene exists with the help of specialised night club Dominion and event organisers Sedition Industries.
by Jonathan Keane

Peace, Unity, Freedom: Rocking and Rolling in Eastern Nigeria
A look at the music of Nigeria’s underground rock’n’roll subculture of the 1970s, featuring Fela Kuti, Monomono and The Funkees, among others.
by Joe Tangari

The Master Clan
Despite their members often being scattered around the world, online battle clans share a unique brotherhood.
by Colm Gorey

Memories of Crack City
How crack cocaine wounded New York City and the artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers who captured the drug’s impact.
by Michael A. Gonzales

Also Includes

Adam ‘MCA’  Yauch 1964-2012 Miles Marshall Lewis remembers the sadly departed Beastie Boy.

Trayvon Martin and the Quest for Justice Charlie Braxton describes how the senseless slaying of a teenage boy heightened racial tension across America.

Label Perils Karen Lawler spoke to First Music Contact’s Angela Dorgan about dodgy record label deals and how unsigned bands can avoid getting conned.

Half Life On the back of De La Soul’s recent side project, Dean Van Nguyen examines how alter egos have affected the output of hip-hop artists.

Femme Fetale Simon Mee on the tragic demise of ‘Chelsea Girl’ Nico.

and much more!

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