Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One More Robot - Issue 11



Chuck D (Legendary rapper and primary voice of political rap group Public Enemy)
By David Ma

Beth Jeans Houghton (Singer, songwriter, and leader of Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves of Destiny)

By Trisha Doyle

Ken Bruen (Irish noir novelist. His works include The Guards and Priest)

By Michael A. Gonzales

Le Galaxie (Irish dance music group)

By Karen Lawler

Adrian Tomine
(cartoonist and illustrator for The New Yorker and his own comic series, Optic Nerve)

By Sam Weiss

Akintola Hanif (Photojournalist, filmmaker and editor-in-chief of groundbreaking culture magazine Hycide)

By Colm Gorey

Cry Monster Cry (Folk duo)

By Jonathan Keane

RawDeal (Rapper and head of the record label Raw's House)

By Dean Van Nguyen

The Sanctuaries (New York-based indie band)

By Nadene Ryan

Rob Salkowitz (author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture)

By Elaine Burke

Pablo Nouvelle
(Swiss musician and filmmaker)

By Simon Mee

Rick James
(Funk icon who sadly passed away in 2004. This in-depth interview is previously unpublished)

By Charlie Braxton

Also Includes

Back to Fashion The 2009 film The September Issue took viewers behind the scenes at Vogue’s New York office, documenting the creation of their largest-ever issue and leaving many to wonder where the hype surrounding the all-important September issue of the magazine originates. By Niamh Hynes

I Was a Teenage Prog Nerd One music obsessive outlines his long-standing love affair with progressive rock. By Joe Tangari

and more