Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jesse Melia's Top 11 PS3 Games Of All Time!

Hey, Dean here. I e-mailed Jesse Melia recently asking for a list of PS3 game recommendations. He responded quickly with the following list, each equipped with a mini-review. I was a little upset he did not include my own favourite...Saints Row 2!

11. Dead Space (Scary and dark yet also fun)
10. God Of War 3 (Cinematic, violent and explosive)
09. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Flawed but also at times masterful)
08. Killzone 2 (Amazing graphics and brutal combat)
07. Bioshock (Peerless story, great setting and engaging gameplay)
06. Rainbow Six Vegas (Slick, fun and challenging)
05. Resistance series (The best shooter on the PS3)
04. Mass Effect (A beautiful, cinematic, life engulfer)
03. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Fun, fun and also fun)
02. Red Dead Redemption (Brilliance on every level)
01. The Uncharted Series (Perfect in every way)

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