Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stevie's Stonkers #4: 'Lightnin VIP' by Skream

Olly Jones has sweet fuck all to prove to the dubstep purists lobbying accusations of him being sellout. His second record as Skream saw him branching into more laid back and occasionally ravey territory, and the dubstep supergroup he formed with Benga and Artwork gave the dubstep genre it's... biggest pop hits. Showing he hadn't lost sight of where he came from and in a very festive spirit Skream released the Freeizm album on Christmas Day for, you guessed it, free, featuring some of the most straight up womping dubstep tracks he's put out in ages. 'Lighnin Vip' proves once again he's a master of blending absolute filthy basslines with foreboding atmospherics. This is Skream just doing what he still does better than anyone, even though it wasn't necessary prove anything to anybody, this did it nicely anyway.

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