Monday, January 2, 2012

Issue 9 Preview: The Nineties Hip-Hop Issue

In our upcoming special Winter/Spring double issue One More Robot's team will be focusing on nineties hip-hop culture, art, lifestyle and music. Here's a glimpse into just some of the pieces we have prepared.

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Yeah Baby We Like It Rawwww!!

Charlie Braxton examines the life, death and legacy of the most famous voice in the history of hip-hop, Tupac Shakur.

Michael A. Gonzales speaks to Faith Evans on her role in the Bad Boy Records family and marriage to The Notorious BIG.

AndrĂ© LeRoy Davis, the man once dubbed ‘Hip-Hop’s Official Cartoonist’, talks us through some of his favourite work from his time with The Source magazine.

We inspect the nineties output of a teenage Lil Wayne and his group The Hot Boyz.

Exploring the interplay between R&B and hip-hop in the nineties, under the working theory that the increasing inclusion of R&B-style rhythms and hooks made an impact on the expression of love/sex/relationship in hip-hop music during the decade.

While NWA disbanded in 1991, their influence over nineties West Coast hip-hop was vast. We look at a variety work and sounds that came on the back of the group's success, from the solo efforts of Eazy-E through to artists like Mack 10 and King Tee.

Jonathan Bogart discusses the oft-dismissed influence of MC Hammer and the flood of pop-rap chart toppers that were released on the back of his success.

And there's a few words on the late, great Heavy D.

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