Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy Wonderland

Alice has plunged into a new Wonderland. The powers that be have swindled the majority and now the majority must pay for the minority’s mistakes. Alice is not sure what is right or wrong anymore.

The Boxcutter Barbershop and Gallery are currently exhibiting Occupy Wonderland, a reimaging of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland by artist Dualta McCormack Jones. Jones, who’s clothing line Project A Apparel has already hit Dublin, turns his talent towards his own form of pop art. A strong graffiti influence can be seen throughout, with its playful mix of genres that infiltrate the tale of Alice’s adventure through Wonderland.

The exhibition can be seen as an allegory for our current disenchantment with the ever growing corruption and division in our society. "The Occupy movement inspired me," explains Jones. "But having not really become involved in it and I was on the fringes, and unsure as to the exact nature and agendas on show, since alot of the time everything is not what it seems. You could say we are in or were in a Wonderland of sorts in terms of consumerism and now well its all got belly up. Occupy seems to be a cause worth talking about and maybe this is another way for people to talk about it."

Drawing on influences such as Blek le Rat, Ron English, Slinkachu and Banksy, Occupy Wonderland’s vivid colourful displays and current theme make this exhibition a must see. Take the red pill and let Occupy Wonderland show you how far this rabbit hole goes.--Barry Kenna

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