Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stevie's Stonkers #1:'Derezzed' by Daft Punk

Every week until he grows weary of the format Stephen Rogers will be choosing a stonking song of the moment.

Two French DJs who have been pretending to be robots for the past 13 years, revered by critics, musos, hipster indie kids, their peers, and the pop music loving general public. Hired to soundtrack sequel to innovative if dated sci-fi flick, that exists purely due to the current trend of retro revivalist "everything when i was a kid was brilliant" necrophelia. An "evolution" of their electronic sound, because, ye know, there's like, strings and that. The curmudgeonly loner sociopath in me wants to hate Daft Punk and this. Except I like Daft Punk and this. A tantalisingly brief glimpse of the glitchy brilliance of Daft Punk.

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