Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stevie's Christmas 'Stonking' Filler: 'Sick' by Salem

Twas the week before Christmas and in Dublin City, Stevie was trundling through the snow, struggling to shop, and feeling quite shitty. And this brought the inspiration for this week’s stonker. Just as I was close to assaulting a fellow pedestrian on Parnell Street for seemingly sleeping whilst attempting to move through a doorway, snow began to pour down again and ‘Sick’ popped up on my player’s random playlist. Suddenly I was feelin’ Christmassy, which is perverse considering this track is a major downer, a hybrid of durty south beats, even dirtier synths, spooky choral backing, and some dude rapping slowed down or pitch shifted, so it’s barely decipherable. But it made sense at the time; it gave me a bit of swagger to continuing shopping. It’s probably the choral aspect of the song that lends itself to Christmas, but more than likely I picked this track because I’m a contrary and miserable bastard.

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